Cashem passed the quality management system ISO9001, environmental management system ISO14001, occupational health and safety management system
certification OHSAS18001 and relevant qualification of defense military industry in 2013.

Cascell? structural foam is 100% closed-cell, rigid pmi foam core, its application fields are as follows:

Cascell? WH aerospace structural core material, like rocket fairing, aircraft elevator, wing rafter.

Cascell? RS similar to WH, polystyrene structure foam more suitable for liquid resin forming technology;

Cascell? HF High frequency and wave type, especially suitable for radar, antenna cover, such as phased array radar;

Cascell? IH industrial grade PMI foam, outstanding high cost performance, such as high-speed railway, medical bed board, sports equipment and
so on;

Cascell? FR Flame retardant PMI foam, combine with high performance and high penetration wave, such as radome, aviation interior, ship, etc;